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Jun 12

Where it all started

Our story starts in 2012 when we created our first product - a simple web page for a local Latvian company.

As the receival was excellent, it was a very easy decision to continue our progress and focus on not just creating webpages, but larger E-commerce projects as well.


Our first initial projects

One of our first projects that gained traction in our headquarters city Riga, Latvia, was - a scheduling software that allowed recording and keeping track of all inbound and outbound communication.

Not only was packed with features as recording of all communications and multiple analyzation methods, it was also incredibly well received by clients due to excellent backend integration and its intuitive design that made all operations a breeze.

SEP 21

Taking on a new approach

While we were quite happy with the results from our initial projects, we wanted Spotrix to take a new shape and show itself for more than a web design and e-commerce tool creator.

We decided that it’s time for us to expand on the hardware side of IT and created our first server centre here in Latvia. Starting with 10 state-of-the-art servers providing web and database hosting to our existing clients, we quickly grew through word-of-mouth and within less than a year were already managing more than 50 servers.

JAN 23

Moving on to new growths

Our next step was to grow our operations and create new connections.

We saw our potential and wanted to accelerate our growth and decided that the best step would be to open another branch outside of Latvia.

We settled on India due to potential we saw for business expansion and client acquisition and opened our second branch in Kolkata in early 2018.

JUL 29

What we had achieved so far

With our second office in operation, Spotrix was growing well and at this point managing servers to a large group of clients all over the world, working on new tool creation and maintaining the existing code of already created ones.

It did not take long to start working with Big Data due to the size of database management to help our clients further increase their success and help them manage the quantity of information that they were working with.


And this is where we are

At this point Spotrix has grown from an IT project to a multinational company working with clients all over the world.

We operate our own server centre with 24/7 service and manage a creative development and design team with a dedicated and efficient server administration team. Our focus has grown from web design to e-commerce tool creation, network and server management. We are always looking for new members that are interested in contributing with their ideas, produce great results and help us mold our future vision for what it could be.

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Opening branch in Kolkata

As of today SPOTRIX has finished its expansion to Kolkata, India

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